If I can put a new installation of a heating system in, the rest will be easy

I have a test tomorrow at my new job.

They are going to make sure that I know what I’m doing when it comes to doing a brand new heating system.

After that, depending on how well I do, I will be able to go out on my own to work on HVAC systems all over the place. I have been shadowing one of the veteran HVAC technicians for quite a while now. He has been working at this HVAC company for the past 25 years and he is getting ready to retire. The owners of the company wanted to make sure that whoever replaces him knows exactly what they are doing. I cannot say that I blame them for that, since he has been in the business for so long. Since I’m relatively new to the heating and cooling industry, I am surprised that they even gave me a chance. I don’t know that I would have hired me as his replacement if I were the owner of this company. Still yet, I’m glad that they gave me a chance because I’m really looking forward to learning all that I can about the heating and cooling business. I have learned a ton by watching him over the past several months. He is really hoping that I’m going to do the furnace installation just right tomorrow, because he says he’s going to retire a little bit early if I can prove that I can take over for him. I have to admit that that makes me feel just a little bit of pressure, but I’m still fairly confident in my abilities. I think that everything will go fine. Hopefully, there won’t be any unforeseen issues that I have to deal with

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