I’m pretty amazing at improving HVAC machines

I have more experience actually working in Heating & Air Conditioning machine companies than just dealing with Heating & Air Conditioning machines… I also create & design models for modern Heating & Air Conditioning systems.

Creating such models most of the time takes me weeks because of all the steps & processes required.

At the start, I will research the needs & demands of our customers, & sometimes, the research will see me going along with the Heating & Air Conditioning professionals on field tasks. These tasks include upgrades, Heating & Air Conditioning machine maintenance, & furnace/heater repairs. At the site, I will get first-hand information from the customer on how we can truly improve the heat pump or heating machine for maximized quality heating. Besides being an engineer & designer, I certainly know more about heating & my business to help with indoor comfort. I am currently designing an HVAC machine that will cater to homeowners throughout the year. The homeowners will also control the temperatures from their phones. One of the things that customers want is to be aware of any setbacks with their machines to maintain them within an adequate time. For example, if the furnace filters are blocked, the HVAC machine should notify the owner through their phone, prompting them to book an appointment with the Heating & Air Conditioning machine repairman. It could improve from waiting to hear the rattling noise or overheating the blower to calling a tech for heat pump service. I recently created a design for a more efficient HVAC machine for the business. If manufactured, this HVAC machine would take the world by storm, a positive storm! My team & I are also looking for an app where the customers can truly request help & promptly acquire it. Through the straight-forward press of a button. It is an adequate period of time for the Heating & Air Conditioning industry in this section of the world.


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