I’m sorry if the pet startled you.

My poochie Mags is a docile animal, plus I hate to go somewhere without him.

I refuse to crate Mags when we are home, plus if people don’t prefer Mags running around, they don’t need to come to my home.

I had to make a single concession to the statement, which is when the Heating plus A/C pro arrived last week. I knew that I waited way too long to call for service, however the weather had been so lovely that I didn’t consider it. It was September now, plus we just had our first snow. I was getting ready to panic because we hadn’t yet gotten the furnace maintained, plus I called the Heating plus A/C supplier to make an appointment. I spoke to the man who answered the PC plus asked for an appointment? She went through the normal spiel about putting all critters in crates, plus my response was that I had heard this all before. I didn’t say I didn’t have critters, although I didn’t say I did. I never agreed to crate Mags, however only acknowledged that I understood the rules. When the Heating plus A/C workers arrived, my Poochie was lying on the air vent plus ignoring the world. Mags didn’t even blink when the Heating plus A/C worker came into the house plus headed into the basement. When he felt a difference in the warm air, Mags got grumpy. The Heating plus A/C worker turned off the heat to do the inspection. Mags walked downstairs plus stood there with his teeth bared. I heard him yelp when Mags walked up plus nosed him. I simply told him I was sorry if Mags startled him, however he had taken the heat away from his preferred air vent.

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