In just a few days

I was pretty surprised at the speed of getting my brand new central heating and air conditioning system delivered to me and installed! I had just went to the local heat and a/c dealership to select and purchase a brand new heating and cooling unit.

And usually, it takes at least a week or sometimes more to set up the installation.

Well, this heating and air conditioning dealership was so great that they were able to get everything set up and ready to roll within a few days! 3 days later I had the appointment schedule for them to send out a few of their best certified heating and air conditioning specialist to install my brand new and up to date central heat and a/c unit that I had just bought! I really was amazed by the prompt nature of their business. I had never experienced that before in all my years of buying central heating and air conditioning system units! And also I will say that they had the central heat and a/c unit installed and the old removed pretty quick as well. From my experience, it usually took 4 to 5 hours to remove an old heat and a/c unit and install a new HVAC system. But the certified heating and cooling specialists that were sent out to install my new HVAC unit were done from start to finish in about 3 and a half hours! That was really amazing if you ask me. And everything is right. Nothing wrong with the heating and air conditioning setup and installation.



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