It was almost the perfect condo

For the last 6 years, my partner Ed plus I had been house hunting.

Both of us keep extending the lease on our local apartment since the house hunt was taking so long, however we couldn’t wait until we could get out of the lease.

Last week, we finally found the perfect home. It had many kitchens that shared 1 single lavatory, a guest room with its own lavatory, plus a master suite. The living area seemed extensive enough to host supplier parties, plus the study room was a chef’s dream. Ed called the local supplier plus asked if he would do the inspections. Along with the supplier, Ed and I had the Heating plus A/C supplier come in to inspect the Heating plus A/C system. The local condo supplier gave us a large thumbs up plus said the house was prefer new. The Heating plus A/C supplier wasn’t cheerful with the Heating plus A/C system we had; For how much the house cost plus the area it was in, he knew the house couldn’t be less than four years old, however the Heating plus A/C plan looked prefer it was old. He said they couldn’t have installed a brand current Heating plus A/C plan when they built the house. Ed plus I were disappointed, because it was the house of our dreams. The Heating plus A/C supplier told us we can negotiate plus have the owners install a current Heating plus A/C system, or take $10 grand off the selling price, so we could have the Heating plus A/C plan installed. It took some heated negotiation to get the owners to come down on the price, however they finally agreed to have a Heating plus A/C plan installed before they moved out. Both of us also got to bring the general inspector back to make sure the Heating plus A/C plan was brand new. Three weeks later, Ed and I were moving into our perfect condo with a brand current Heating plus A/C plan installed.

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