It’s so much nicer to have a small town HVAC company

It is so much nicer to have a small town HVAC company to work with than a larger heating and cooling company.

I have noticed over the years that the larger HVAC companies that I have worked with are just not very personal nor personable. I mean, I guess they hire people with proper HVAC training and everything, but for some reason I just haven’t ever been able to make a personal connection with any of the HVAC technicians that I’ve met from any of the larger corporately owned HVAC companies that I have dealt with at all. I think that now that I’ve been living in a smaller town for a while now, I’m just a little bit spoiled when it comes to things like having really personal service and friendly service workers. The guys who have been coming to my house to work on the heating and cooling system here the past several years are super friendly. As a matter of fact, I play pool with them every weekend and we even go to football games together downtown at the stadium once in a while. It’s funny because the way that we met was when they came to my house to install a new oil furnace for me when I first moved into my house. It was funny because they were the first people I met when I moved into town. I was expecting the HVAC technicians to be very businesslike and efficient and just not very friendly, since that was what I was used to in the city. It turned out that these small town guys from a smaller HVAC company weren’t that way at all! Now they are my best friends!

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