Keep it simple, stupid!

Once upon a time my friends and I started a podcast.

We talked about professional sports, including pro wrestling, and for a few months it was a great time.

Then Mike quit the show, because he got bored with it. Joe and I kept recording episodes for a few weeks, but it just wasn’t the same without Mike, so we pulled the plug. After that I realized that I didn’t want to stop, I just wanted to do a different kind of show, something that could help people. Since I am a certified HVAC tech working for a local contractor, I thought I would start recording videos about my work. I know that this isn’t the most fascinating topic in the world, but it does have value, so I posted several short videos involving basic HVAC usage. I started simple, with how to check and change an air filter, as well as what to look for when buying an air filter. Much to my surprise, the video got a lot of hits – I had no idea people were so clueless about air filters! Using that as a model, I made more videos about the most basic aspects of heating and cooling. I explained what the pilot light in the furnace was for, and how to change the batteries in a smart thermostat. Whenever I discussed a topic that was too advanced, such as how to deep clean your own ductwork, it would not be as popular. That is why I decided to rebrand the channel as HVAC KISS – keep it simple, stupid!


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