Keeping to my HVAC chores

I’m not the most on task sort of person.

And that’s putting it mildly. My idea of a task is going to the fridge for another sandwich before returning to enjoy the heating and cooling comfort of the HVAC in my home. But that just doesn’t go over all that well at home. The fact that I hold down an adult job with plenty of responsibilities does not at all let me off the hook when it comes to my chore list. But I sure do like to mention just how hard I work so maybe I’ll get some more time on the couch in the HVAC. Yet, I normally get an eye roll from my wife who then recites the tasks that I have yet to complete. Honestly, if the truth be fully told, I’m pretty impressed that my wife is still married to me. It has to be just confounding to deal with a sack of lazy bones like me. This realization motivated me to get better about a few things around the house that are my sole responsibility. I started with the HVAC chores. This is my realm as I’ve been designated to be the one who deals with all things heating and cooling. This is fine and a good place to start. That’s because there really isn’t all that much to it. But my HVAC chores are essential to the good health and operation of the HVAC equipment. So I change the air filter every month without fail now. And I make sure vents and the HVAC cabinet are free of obstructions. I also just signed us up for the HVAC service plan the HVAC company offers.

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