Last year brought new HVAC surprises

I think we can all agree that our pandemic year brought about plenty of changes and sacrifices.

This was certainly true for me.

While I don’t have a family to care for, I still wanted to be sure that I was doing my best to follow protocols for Covid. That meant that I had to stay home initially and work in the relative security of the HVAC in my house. However, this was not a long term solution. This was due to the fact that I run a small business which requires me to be visiting my customers onsite. Under normal circumstances that meant flying to onsite locations 7 or 8 times a month. With the pandemic and being at home in the HVAC security of my home, that was not feasible. Yet, I was able to keep things going until I could travel. However, no matter the HEPA filters, I wasn’t getting on a plane. So that meant I had to get in my car, crank the air conditioning and set about on a road trip. And it was a road trip for the ages. I essentially lived on the road visiting customers for months at a time. What I found was surprisingly great. I loved the fact that, while in my car, I didn’t have to deal with bad heating and cooling like on the plane. Plus, I finally found the lodging option that had the consistent quality heating and air that I had been searching for. Now that I’m vaccinated, I will once again go with air travel but only for the far away places. I think I’ll keep up the road trips and enjoy the benefits of having great HVAC comfort.
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