Leaving the HVAC alone this summer

Micromanaging is something that I really despise.

It’s a terrible habit and the mark of an ineffective leader.

So when I catch myself doing it, I stop, recognize that I’ve done by way of an apology and double down on not doing it anymore. However, my nature can tend toward over thinking and meddling. But there’s just no place for that in a professional setting. In fact, I am attempting to do less of that at home as well. A new HVAC equipment upgrade is evidence of my efforts to limit my micromanaging. The HVAC company sent out and HVAC technician to install a new piece of HVAC technology. My HVAC unit will now be no longer controlled or over managed by me. Our home now has a smart thermostat. And that smart thermostat is far more capable of managing the HVAC output than I am. This means I’m letting the smart thermostat simply do its job and leave it alone. Actually, that was sort of the exact words from the HVAC professional. I had a myriad of questions regarding the wifi thermostat. But ultimately, the HVAC professional suggested that I let the smart thermostat do its job and then adjust accordingly. So that’s what I’m doing this summer. And summertime is the height of my HVAC thermostat micromanaging. That’s because it’s by far the most expensive HVAC cost season. I’ll be constantly fiddling with the thermostat in an effort to reduce the cost of HVAC cooling. The HVAC technician told me that no amount of thermostat monitoring by me could ever equal what the smart thermostat can do. Now, I’m just going to sit back and see.

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