Look at the calendar before setting a date.

My sister and I were trying to plan a 50th anniversary party for our parents.

We knew we could not have a party right on their anniversary, but we wanted it close.

We knew we didn’t want to have the party when either heating or air conditioning was going to be a necessity. We talked about an outdoor party, but then we could run into it being a rainy day. We knew we would need to pick a date and then worry about the weather on the day of the party. My brother came home from college and helped us make the plans. He thought we should throw a dart at the calendar and take that date, but we couldn’t throw darts at a closed calendar, and what if the dart landed on a weekday? We wrote four different weekends, closed our eyes and threw a dart. The weekend the dart landed on was so close to winter that we were concerned with needing a heating system, but we made the decision. On the weekend of the party, it was cold, but we had an excellent furnace in the venue we booked. We were lucky it didn’t snow, because a lot of the guests ventured out onto the patio to talk and enjoy the quiet. Mom and dad had an amazing time, and dad laughed and said that unlike their first reception, they that was inundated with HVAC technicians. They had a glitch in the furnace, and there was no heat in the venue when they arrived.



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