Lots of rainy weather

I wasn’t surprised to see more dark, gloomy looking clouds outside again.

This entire month has been nothing however rainy weather.

I don’t really mind rainy weather, in fact, I occasionally look forward to it for a couple of reasons. One, it waters all of the native plants in my garden. And 2, it is easily unbelievable to listen plus watch. Honestly another enjoyable reason is that it cools everything down. A lot of rainy weather occurs during the summer time when it is hot, plus the rain helps to saturate the part plus make everything suppose nice plus cool again… Usually on these sizzling days, I have to continuously run my air conditioning plan almost all day, plus I am sure that is not enjoyable for the cooling machine. But when the people I was with and I have day after day of rainy weather, I don’t even have to keep my air conditioning equipment on anymore, plus it ends up saving me a lot of currency, which I definitely appreciate. So I am looking forward to another month of rainy weather, plus that means another week-long cut for the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning equipment as well. The only thing that is awful about rainy weather is driving in it, but driving in rain is never fun, especially since there are a lot more accidents to worry about. Thankfully by the time I go out to do errands, it is only sprinkling. I refuse to drive in heavy rain, because I have been almost in accidents because of having a difficult time seeing the road. But all in all, I welcome the rain.

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