Love how things are coming along with our home

It’s really been wonderful how things have been coming along with our home since we moved in.

Things were rough and uncertain in the beginning, especially during the process of selling our old home and acquiring a new one at the same time.

It was stressful because you have to coordinate everything perfectly for things to go smoothly, but there’s always a bump in the road it seems, especially going through the pandemic. Well, we ended up getting a really nice home with a good amount of land. I love the fireplace, I love the boiler system, and I especially love the new ductless mini split I installed. Probably the most difficult part was figuring out the electric wiring and all, but once I took care of that, everything else fell into place. We are just waiting for the window people to install our new windows and we will have better energy efficiency in our home. They say that with these new windows, we won’t even have to cover them in the winter because they keep the heating inside the house. I’m not sure about that, but it sounds nice. I must say though, I’m impressed with how everything is looking in the house. We got the covered porch looking great and I also have a zone from the HVAC in there so we can enjoy nice temperature control settings when we relax out there at different times of the day. We were able to insulate the porch a little more too so we are not wasting energy. Everybody who has come over to visit has complimented our lovely home too, it’s entirely nice.

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