Loving my newly air conditioned garage

I am far, far from costly.

In fact, I still wear hoodies and shirts that I enjoyed more than a decade ago.

No, I’m not hip, trendy or in any way costly. So, it’s sort of hard to suppose that I have a garage with a/c. I can hardly suppose it myself. Garages with Heating and Air Conditioning are the sort of things you see on TV or on vehicle shows. They aren’t for suburban dads who use the garage as a small escape from everything. That’s absolutely what the garage has always been for me. I take after my dad in that respect. My dad wasn’t much of a sit in the recliner in the a/c sort of man. He was always tinkering with something at his work bench. He had a work bench in the garage and a single in the basement. The a single in the garage was the a single he used almost all year and for most projects. The work bench in the basement was next to the boiler and he could stay sizzling in the winter. I wonder what he’d say about my set up. It was much enjoy his absolutely for years. But I finally got weary of perspiring it out when the summer time heat hits. We live in a region where the Winter is not the problem. The summer time heat is what you have to look out for. So the addition of the ductless heat pump in the garage has been attractive. I can care about plenty of Heating and Air Conditioning cooling all summer time out there and still have my peace and quiet. Although, I do get some projects done at my workbench. But really, I’m just soaking up all the quality heating and air out there now.


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