Loving the new HVAC comfort in my office

I guess I’m a bit of an anomaly because I really do love what I get to do for a living.

Sure, I feel fortunate and it does seem like it’s a pretty rare thing.

Like all of my friends and even some of my colleagues hate their jobs. I even feel completely stuck because they have to make money. That makes me sad for all those people. I can’t imagine spending that much time of my life doing something I just hate it. Yet, there are things about my job that weren’t all that great either. For one, and up until recently, the heating and cooling in our offices wasn’t good. We live in a region that includes a really cold winter followed by a scorching hot summer. The fact that we get these extremes on both ends has a lot to do with the heating and cooling situation at work. The building I work in is pretty ordinary. And our firm has an entire floor in that building. I think there might be fifty of us but not much more than that. There aren’t many offices with walls and there was only one thermostat. It was really hard to get one thermostat setting to appeal to that large a group. During the winter, I have always had a space heater tucked under my desk. When the summer came, that space heater was replaced with a fan. Still I wasn’t very comfortable during any of the seasons with the HVAC in our office. Recently, they upgraded the commercial HVAC to include zone controlled HVAC. And man, adding this quality heating and air has just added to my love for going to work.


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