Max fixed a broken Heating and Air Conditioning truck

My fiance Max fixed a broken down Heating and Air Conditioning truck the other day when he got home from work early.

Max is usually not here at this time of the day, plus so the Heating and Air Conditioning pro whose truck was broken down told him that it was easily a stroke of advantage from the universe that Max happened to be there when he was.

See, Max is a master mechanic plus he absolutely specializes in working on large truck motors. Most of his work involved giant tractors and trailers. That’s what Max works on most of the time at his shop, anyway. However, he does do the occasional commercial vehicle, delivery truck or electrical plus plumbing truck plus even some Heating and Air Conditioning contractor vehicles here plus there. So the Heating and Air Conditioning pro that broke down right by our new home the other day was not exactly out of the realm of his expertise. Max said that he saw this Heating and Air Conditioning truck resting there parked on the side of the road with his lights on plus a guy sitting next to it looking easily tied up out. When he pulled into our driveway, Max just parked plus went back out there to ask the guy what was going on. Max likes helping people out, plus so if he saw a guy that was tied up out, he was going to do whatever he could to help. That’s one thing I enjoy about Max. Anyway, the Heating and Air Conditioning professional said that he had so many more calls to get to that day plus he couldn’t go someplace because the truck broke down. Max had it up plus running again in a matter of fifths!


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