My boss showered me with a $250 gift card

I have been laboring at the heating & AC maintenance & installation supplier for the past 3 years, however during that time, the supplier has grown exponentially… When I started laboring here, there were only a few other heating & AC maintenance & installation specialists.

Now there are more than a dozen maintenance specialists laboring for the dealer, both of us maintenance the entire county & a big portion of the surrounding area… Every day there are heating & AC maintenance & installation maintenance calls & it is our responsibility to handle concerns when they come, however i worked all more than four days Sunday through Tuesday Last yearand the boss asked me to opportunity up the weekend as well, then one of the modern women was sick with covid & someone had to cover the weekend days, then my boss had plans to go out of neighborhood & she even provided to spend money me extra.

I told our boss it wasn’t necessary, because I was going to be paid extra anyways for being the on-call maintenance specialist; There were a couple of calls throughout the weekend & I handled everything without any troubles. I had a stack of invoices to supply to our boss & the repairs totaled more than $2000. On Sunday day I provided all of the invoices to the boss & she presented me with a $250 Visa gift card, and she told me that the extra currency was a thank you for being there on the weekend when there was no a single else to work. I thought it was a nice gesture & I did not say no.


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