My buddies will be jealous when they learn about my new UV air purification system

The new HVAC supplier that opened in our town recently looks great.

My wife and I have been meaning to go visit since the place had their grand opening.

I heard from some friends that we really missed out because they had a huge sale for their opening and they even gave away free UV air purifiers while supplies lasted. My buddies all got their UV air purifiers, which I thought was nice because they definitely needed better air quality at home. Finally, my wife and I went to this place and we were in for a treat. Their home services were quite appealing. We learned about their HVAC service plans, and the one we liked would cover everything we needed, including our plumbing and electric concerns. They also said they would change our air filters with HEPA filters. The cost for the service plan I thought was very reasonable considering they would change our filters with HEPA every quarter and they would take care of all our regular maintenance needs. I also chose to look at their UV air purifiers amongst other things. While my buddies got some portable UV air purifiers, I decided to go for a new whole-home UV air purifier. This thing was top-of-the-line and I knew that my buddies were going to be jealous because my air quality was going to be better! I also was able to expand on the HVAC service plan to include HEPA filter changes for the UV air purifier, so I’m saving a lot of money with my service plan!

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