My dad almost kicked myself and Ed out.

My dad was beyond tired of myself and Ed lolling around the beach house all the time.

I took a year off after graduation, before making any major life decisions, dad was okay with that initial year, however when that year turned into multiple, then into multiple more, plus now I hadn’t worked for 9 years, Dad was disgruntled.

I enjoyed staying at home. Mom did all the laundry, the cooking, plus the cleaning. I just came plus went when I wanted, plus picked up strange jobs here or there so I could have a little fun money. Dad wasn’t having fun with us sitting around the beach house most of the time, plus I heard him grumbling to mom about it. I was sure that if I didn’t find an actual job; he was going to kick myself and Ed out. I thought I could get a straight-forward job, however that could not happen. There wasn’t a straight-forward job available that would pay myself and Ed enough to get an apartment, plus getting an beach house of our own was dad’s end goal. I was complaining to our friend about our dad, plus he provided myself and others a very strange look. He told myself and others I was almost thirty, plus it was time to grow up. He said they had classes at the local community school, plus I could get our Heating and Air Conditioning certification inside of a year. Heating and Air Conditioning sounded like a dirty job, but I figured I should try it. I did well in the Heating and Air Conditioning classes plus entirely passed the final certification test. I didn’t expect the educator to invite myself and Ed into his apprenticeship program, even though he did. It took myself and Ed over numerous years to find a suitable job, but I am enjoying being an Heating and Air Conditioning business rep, plus repaying our parents by doing all their Heating and Air Conditioning repairs.

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