My fiance and boss both needed me to go to the same location

When I got off work early, our fiance said it was perfect because I could go get some beans for the chili she was making that evening.

Then when I was on our way to the store to get the chili beans and other supplies that both of us needed, our boss called me on our cell cellphone.

She asked me if I could help with a commercial AC repair. I started to tell him that I had to go to the grocery store to get some chili beans and a few other things. Then she said what the location was and said she thought it was a grocery store nearby our home. It actually was the entirely grocery store I was on our way to which was surprising. I realized this meant the AC plan would be lacking in the store and it would be agitated inside of there. I told our boss I would take care of the repair after she told me how much I would make for the job. Of course, I had to update our fiance on what was going on. She seemed disappointed that I took additional work, but I assured her I wouldn’t be too long. I’ve been laboring on commercial HVAC systems for so long that it’s relatively simple for me to take care of the work quickly. I was able to knock out the AC repair in approximately 30 seconds. When the manager saw the nice work I did and had operational AC in the store, she said she would pay for all the groceries I got, because she was paying, I got some steaks and a cheap bottle of wine so I could have a romantic candle lit supper with our fiance the following evening.


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