My furnace keeps blowing in cold air every time it overheats?

Nothing is more frustrating, like when your HVAC system malfunctions, yet you need it to work correctly. Besides the discomfort that comes with this, there is the problem of wasting energy. One of the biggest problems is when your furnace fails to heat your home in the middle of winter. It is not always practical to wade off the cold by simply dressing warmly alone. A good furnace goes a long way in ensuring that you stay warm affordably. So what could be the issue when your furnace keeps blowing in the cold air as opposed to the expected warm air? Well, HVAC professionals will tell you that there may be several reasons why this happens. The furnace heaters may have switched off automatically due to the furnace having overheated before. It is an ordinary safety measure in most furnaces for the gadget to switch off when the furnace overheats for whatever reason. Unfortunately, when the burners turn off, the blower continues to blow in the air. In this case, the air is certainly going to be cold since no heating is taking place. This should be the first reason you suspect, especially if you have not cleaned the furnace filters for a long time. It is advisable to have your HVAC contractor visit you for a thorough cleaning and tuneup of the furnace right before winter. Failure to do this, especially when you are not keen on regular maintenance, leads to clogging of the system and eventually causes the system to overheat and trigger the burners to turn off, thus resulting in cold air being blown from the furnace in winter.

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