My husband is really buckling down on the budget

My husband is really buckling down on the budget around here at our house.

  • He is super paranoid because of everything that is going on with the economy these days.

So he’s been trying to save up all the money that he possibly can just so that we will have a backup for later on when we might be out of money. I guess that’s a good thing, but I hate the fact that he is trying to save money on our heating and cooling system too. I personally feel like the heating and cooling system in your home is just way too important to cut corners on pricewise. My husband doesn’t seem to think that, though. I know that he is just trying to do the right thing, but I don’t think that the right thing is to mess up the great thing that we have going with the indoor air quality in our house. We have a really good heating and cooling system installed in our house and we use some really great HEPA air filters in order to keep it that way. I love the way that our HEPA filters keep the indoor air quality at nice levels all year long. He says that we need to cancel our heating and cooling maintenance program that we pay for each month. He also says that we are going to have to start buying cheap air filters instead of the HEPA ones. I personally just don’t think that it’s a good idea, though. I hope it’s not a big mistake!


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