My HVAC technician is drunk

My HVAC technician is drunk, but I am not even mad.

  • I think that some people would be mad to know that their HVAC technician is drunk, but I think that it is absolutely hilarious that the HVAC technician is drunk.

Mainly, the reason that I don’t mind that the HVAC technician is drunk is that there is another HVAC technician with him that is actually doing all the work. If I were the owner of the HVAC company, I know that I would be pretty upset if one of my HVAC technicians showed up drunk. However, this particular HVAC technician is the owner’s son, and he has been working for the HVAC company for a while. The HVAC technician has a ton of issues, and one of those issues is his problem with alcohol. I honestly feel bad for the HVAC technician because I know that part of the reason that he started drinking was that his dad was never home because he was so busy with the HVAC company. However, the owner of the HVAC company has shown a lot of mercy to him, and he allows his son to work for the HVAC company even though the son is not that good at HVAC work. Instead of being lazy, the HVAC technician remains able to work hard, but he is mainly assisting another experienced HVAC technician. The best part about the HVAC technician being drunk is his sense of humor. I don’t think that I have ever heard an HVAC technician that is so funny. The HVAC technician can barely walk, but the HVAC technician has the best jokes when he has been drinking.
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