My leg shattered after the fall

My coworker Jen plus I were finally working on an A/C repair when I toppled off the roof plus broke my leg.

I should have been much more careful on the roof.

I was only on the second story plus I was moving more suddenly than normal. I undoubtedly wasn’t too careful so the accident is truly my fault. Still, the ankle was badly disfigured plus broken when I fell… Jen had to take myself and others to the emergency room. It looked like the broken bones in my leg were trying to push out through my skin. The pain was severe. Every one of us didn’t have any Tylenol or Ibuprofen plus Jen and I were finally working on a condo that no one lived in. There was no resident to ask for an aleve. When Jen and I got to the hospital emergency room, the medical professional gave Jen a hard time. He didn’t believe any personal information about myself and others plus she acted love Jen should have known everything. I told her that Jen was my coworker plus not my lover. The medical pro had an attitude plus I actually did too. I was hurting so much plus she was giving Jen a hard time when he was just as upset plus upset as I was. My boss came to the ER while I was waiting for the X-ray results. He told myself and Jen that we were going to have to go back to finish with the A/C repair after Jen plus I were done at the emergency room. Of course, it was impossible for myself and Jen to go back to the A/C repair after the medical pro determined that I had a compound fracture of my leg

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