My mom and dad will not ask for help or take it

My mom and dad have been on social security for a long time.

A couple of weeks ago they found out that the furnace in the house needs to be replaced. I thought my mom and dad were going to have the work done, so I was surprised when I went to visit a few days later and the house was cold. My dad was running a space heater in his office and there was another space heater running in the kitchen for my mom. I asked my mom what happened to the furnace and she told me to have a talk with my dad. He told me that he did not want to pay the astronomical installation fees that the HVAC service company wanted to charge. I tried to tell my dad that it was perfectly reasonable for the company to charge the fees, but he is convinced that the contractor is trying to make money by cheating my dad. I told my dad that we could call a couple of other places to get estimates, but he told me that they are perfectly fine with the space heater. My mom honestly does not look perfectly fine. The last time I went to the house, she was bundled up in bed with all of her clothes on and the covers. That is certainly no way to live the rest of the winter season. For crying out loud, it’s only October right now. I don’t know how to convince my dad to let me help. I might have to wait until he goes to town for the day and have the work done then. I can’t imagine he would tell the furnace insulation company to take everything back.

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