My mom is getting too aged to live alone

I stopped at our mom’s stadium on our way home from labor last week, and i did not call and give her a heads up.

I wanted the stop to be a surprise! The last few times I’ve gone to our mom’s house, I’ve been distraught about her health and the condition of the house.

I’m not sure if our mom is easily taking care of herself; When I stopped last week, the house was a mess; My mom was kneeling in bed in her pajamas and she had a tote of chips on the bed. I actually don’t know she ate anything that day except snack food. I got our mom dressed and made some food in the kitchen. I tried to wash up the house while our mom was eating, but she got miserable and told me to leave it alone. It was actually hot and humid in the house, so I decided to check on the indoor temperature. I looked at the temperature control and I was surprised that it was off. I asked our mom why she had the off when it was so hot in the house; She told me that it cost a lot of money to use the and she wasn’t going to pay the high bills anymore. It’s clear to me that our mom is getting too aged to live alone. It’s substantial to run the to keep mold and mildew from developing inside of the house. My mom knows it is substantial and she still doesn’t want that on. That is one big sign to me that it is time to know about our mother’s needs.



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