My momma keeps it frigid

My momma keeps it nice and frigid in her home that I can barely sit to visit her most of the time.

I don’t understand why momma would want to keep it so frigid in there, but it’s almost as cold as a meat locker most of the times. My momma has to take a whole lot of weird medications and I think some of them tend to make her too hot for some reason. I don’t get it but momma usually wants to keep the air conditioner turned down because she says that her joints hurt her when she gets too hot. I think that is just something that happens to you whenever you get old. Whatever the reason is, it’s just too frigid in our mom’s home for me to go in there and sit around for any length of time at all. Momma keeps wanting me to come over and hang out however I just can’t do it unless I wear our Winter coat and our fuzzy slippers! Momma thinks that I am always being overly dramatic about the thermostat settings in her house, however I entirely do not think that I am. Other people who go over to her home feel the same way that I do about her thermostat settings. I think frigidity is a good temperature for our mom, but it’s not good for anyone else who is going over to momma’s home to try to visit her. I told our momma that she’s going to have to provide out jackets at the door if she keeps this up.


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