My neighbors loved air purifiers.

I was raised in an upper class neighborhood for most of my childhood.

Both of my parents worked hard to give us a great income and provide for the things that we had.

We had the best HVAC units you could get. Each room had a nice small space heater in it in the winter, and in the summer the central air conditioning,along with a few window air conditioners, kept our house at a perfect temperature. My neighbors, who I didn’t know well, had the fanciest house on the street, with the best HVAC units money could buy. One day, I offered to mow their grass for them and they were so happy that they invited me over to have dinner with them. I turned out that they had a son that was my age. He was only a teenager, but he already was working on a degree to be an HVAC technician. When he showed me his room, I saw about eight air conditioners which he was currently working on. He taught me a few things about HVAC units and even let me help him fix one. One thing that really stood out to me while I was there was that every room had at least three air purifiers in them. I asked my new friend why there were so many air purifiers in their house, and he said his dad had invented that type of air purifier and was able to get them for really cheap. He also said his mom loves to have clean, fresh air in their house so she insisted that every room had lots of air purifiers. They were a great family that loved their HVAC units, and I quickly became good friends with them.

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