My New Trick for Family Poker Night

I’m abysmal at poker. Despite having played for some time, I just can’t master my poker face. Despite my acting failures, I still host a bi-weekly poker evening at my family’s home. After years of losing disastrously to my several relatives, inspiration struck a single evening when it was certainally hot in our bonus room. The HVAC system had been acting up, plus the room where all of us played was warmer than usual; Even the people with the best poker faces couldn’t contain their discomfort at the warmth of the room. It distracted them; they were so tied up worrying about the sweat stains under their arms that their faces betrayed their hands. I betted accordingly, plus for the first time, I was the victor of poker evening! Although an HVAC specialist came out the next day, diagnosing plus repairing our leaky ductworks, I decided that I would be turning up the heat in the bonus room on poker evenings going forward. I told my relatives that I was keeping my temperature control at a higher temperature to maintain energy efficiency, plus to reduce my cooling system’s impact on my electric bill. They all seemed to understand, but their respective games were absolutely impacted by the lack of cool air in the room. Before each game, I venued my hand over the vents in the bonus room to make sure they weren’t blowing any cool air, plus I double-checked the temperature control to ensure that the bonus room zone was set to 77 degrees. Since my spouse plus I usually keep the house at a cool 75, the poker players essentially walked into a sauna every time all of us played. The discomfort of the climate impacted most people’s play, plus as a result, I won more often. I was also more confident, knowing that I held the reins to the comfort of the rest of the group.



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