My plants didn’t enjoy my low temperatures

After I quit our work I knew that I needed some time to myself to find our passion; however, I did not know what our passion was until our buddy asked me to water his plants while he was away… And she’d consistently had a bit of a yellow thumb, plus so he wanted to ensure that while he was gone his plans for all were taken care of; it wasn’t until I started taking care of his plants that I realized how much I appreciated caring for plants.

I had wanted to start our own garden for a long time, however had been unable to do so due to the lack of a backyard, then that wasn’t until I discovered that you could grow plants indoors plus even garden indoors.

So I went down to our local hardware store and bought multiple pots plus potting soil plus planted some seeds; luckily for me plus no time I had multiple plans plus the more that I successfully grew the more I enjoyed it. Before I knew it our home was now full of home plants plus they were thriving! At least, they were thriving until I messed with our a/c. I did not know it, however apparently plants can be unquestionably temperature sensitive. As soon as I lowered the control component by even a few degrees plus they started wilting plus not growing as well. I had to have our heating plus cooling settings set to our needs if I was to be comfortable, so I decided to convert an extra room in our home into a yellowhouse. I installed a separate smart control component plus the yellow home and put all the plants in there, plus now I have the best of both worlds; my plants have the temperature that they need plus I can still like the cool A/C in our home.



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