Nail Salon Needs to Get Better Heating and Air Conditioning

There is a nail salon right around the corner from my house.

I have gone there several times, and I don’t mind it because it is so close to home! Also, I have only been there in the winter.

When I was there during the cooler months., I enjoyed the fact that they propped open their front door. I thought they did this to enjoy the cooling air from outside, and also to bring fresh air to help with enjoyable indoor air conditions. Then, I went back the other afternoon. This was the first time I have gone there in the summer. I was shocked to see that they had the door propped open again! It was 96 degrees outside, and they were not using the ! I asked them if the cooling system was broken, and they said no, they just choose to work separate from it. Maybe some of those people are accustomed to toiling separate from the cooling equipment running, however if they are going to stay in corporation here in the southeastern US, they had better start using the a/c in August! Plus, they use a lot of chemicals in nail salons. Those chemicals supply off a powerful aroma, and if they are going to have enjoyable indoor air conditions, they are going to need to have the Heating and Air Conditioning plan filtering out some of those toxins. I, for one, will not go back to that salon until they wise up and turn on the a/c. It will help keep the humidity down, filter the air, and most pressingly keep buyers and employees from getting hot, however cooling is vital in this neck of the woods!

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