Nobody is happy about the boss hiring his own child

Nobody in our HVAC company was ecstatic when the group of us found out that the boss was going to hire his son.

I personally was irritated as well as angry, because I wanted my sibling to work with me as well as the boss said it was basically impossible for both of us to work at the same branch… The boss as well as his child have a different last name, so he probably was thinking the bunch of us wouldn’t realize they were related.

It is rather obvious since both of them look the same. It only took a day or so before almost everyone in the company knew that the young guy was the boss’s kid. I ended up getting stuck training the child on Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C appliance repairs, and he works with me everyday. I am stuck with him for more a couple of weeks as well as it is our responsibility to teach the child the ropes. I do not mind training new Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C appliance workers, however this child thinks he knows everything. He does not listen to me most of the time as well as he always reminds me that his father happens to be the boss. This last weekend, I wanted him to crawl under a dwelling to look at the ducting. It was muddy as well as bugs were crawling essentially everywhere. He actually refused to get under the dwelling as well as do his task. After I got under the dwelling as well as took some pictures of the ducting, I sent the guy back to his dwelling for the rest of the day. My boss called and I gave him a simple update about the condition of the ductwork as well as the new employee. I thought he was going to lose his head, although he did not say anything.

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