Not going to wince at the electric bill this summer with HVAC strategy

I’ve really been going about this thing all wrong. That’s what I’ve discovered when it comes to the HVAC cooling where I live. I’m still sort of new to the region and fairly recently traded a gas furnace for the heat pump. I loved living up north and the gas furnace sure did a great job of heating our home each winter. But those winters finally just wore me down. I couldn’t keep dealing with all that snow and ice so I traded all the HVAC heating for all this HVAC cooling. However, I seemed to have traded the high cost of heating for the high cost of HVAC cooling. There is a four month stretch from June through September where the heat is overwhelming. There is just no way to do without air conditioning comfort in one’s home. And everyone has the heat pump going in the summer. But I recently learned that I was starting the HVAC cooling far too soon. Normally, I have been flipping the thermostat over to HVAC cooling once the temps start to climb in March. That has been my mistake. I recently learned from a native of the region to wait on the thermostat flip until later. This way, we allow our bodies to acclimate to the heat and the humidity. This makes quite a difference. Once the heat season is in full swing, I need much less HVAC cooling to be comfortable in my house. A thermostat setting in the 80’s during the day goes a long way toward saving a ton of money on HVAC cooling costs.

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