Oil heating systems are actually safer than gas furnaces

While it’s true that most homeowners appreciate gas heating systems over oil furnaces, oil heating systems are actually much safer than gas furnaces.

Still, even with a nice laboring oil furnace, you might encounter some concerns if you are not keeping up with official annual repair.

If you ever encounter smoke coming from your oil furnace, make sure to shut it off instantly! You don’t want to wait around to see what might happen. Not to mention, you can’t get your oil furnace tested until it cools down. If you are in the Winter time and this happens, make sure to pull our your backup portable gas heating systems and get a fire going in the fireplace to help keep you hot while you wait for your oil furnace to be repaired. Oftentimes, the problem isn’t entirely drastic when you have smoke coming from your oil furnace. It could be a matter of simply swapping out the nozzle and filter. If your nozzle and filter are old, this can cause your plan to smoke due to overheating concerns. Also, the issue could be coming from your chimney. If your chimney is clogged, it’s crucial to clear anything out. A respected issue is dealing with parakeet nests. Those parakeets will keep coming back so you have to make sure to add some protection to your chimney to prevent them from building nests. There are materials you can receive to install on your chimney that make it impossible for parakeets to get inside. Also, you might have soot buildup, so that needs to be taken care of instantly. When all else fails, be sure to call a professional to take care of your situation with your oil furnace.



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