Old is new again

There is this very old heating and air conditioning company in my local area that had been closed for a long time.

I would say it has been at least 10 years since they went under.

However, the building that the main offices of the heating and air conditioning company was never sold. It just sat there. Well now there was a big announcement on our local news that this heating and air conditioning company finally has got new owners and they are going to be opening up once again! I thought this was pretty darn amazing and out of left field. I personally am looking forward to this because to get decent heating and air conditioning home services in my area the closest heat and a/c company is in the next town over. It has been this way since this old heating and cooling company had closed down. But now after a near decade they are coming back with new owners! This is going to save money on any heating and air conditioning needs I may have as well because I will no longer have to pay for a long distance trip charge any time I need a heat and a/c tune up or check up and if I ever need to get a brand new and up to date central heating and air conditioning system installed, I can also just call the local heat and a/c company that will be back soon. I think everyone in my area is going to be very very happy about all of this!


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