Our Heating plus Air Conditioning System Is Really Sensitive

My husband is naturally a warm sleeper.

No matter what all of us do, his body overheats in the middle of the evening, causing myself and others to overheat too because I sit beside him.

All his body heat gets trapped under the covers plus it’s impossible to escape. I’m not someone who can sleep when they’re too warm, so this creates a giant issue for me. I’ve tried turning on the overhead fan or adding portable fans beside the bed, however I discovered that these make myself and others sick. All the direct, cool air being blown onto our face isn’t great for me. I contemplated turning the temperature down on the control unit, however our Heating plus Air Conditioning system is so sensitive. I can turn the temperature down one degree plus it feels appreciate an ice box, however if I turn the temperature up one degree it feels appreciate I’m living in a oil furnace. I don’t believe why the Heating plus Air Conditioning system is appreciate this. Adjusting the control machine by a single degree either way should not lead to an serious temperature. If it were just myself and others plus our husband, then I’d easily turn the temperature down. However, our baby sleeps in the room next to us plus I worry that she’s too freezing or too warm. I don’t want her to be uncomfortable, even if I am. I’d rather be the one that’s too warm or too freezing instead of her. For this reason, I’m going to continue dripping with sweat at evening until I can find an alternative solution to the inconsistent un-even temperatures.


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