Portable restrooms saved our birthday gathering.

Our birthday was coming hastily and I was getting happy for our gathering, my son was lake apartment and he and his wife were helping me cook, both of us had a lot of food in both kitchens and the freezers were full. Both of us were all getting fatigued when I abruptly realized every one of us were going to have a big problem… There were fifty people set to arrive in less than a week, and every one of us only had 1 bathroom; I had forgotten to call the rental supplier and see if I could purchase some portable restrooms. My son gave me a cup of Tim Hortons Cappuccino and told me to have a sit, however he picked up his iphone and scrolled through all the rental companies they had in our area. He found 1 rental supplier that still had portable restrooms for the weekend, however they only had several. I wanted at least three. He asked if they knew of anyone else who rented portable restrooms. The person he was talking to said they had three portable showers they would rent to us for the same price as the portable restrooms. My son said he would take all five units, and when I asked him what he had just rented, he told me about the portable restrooms and portable showers. He knew several people would be staying over, and the portable showers would supply us extra showers and bathrooms for the guests. I gave our son a hug and thanked him for his help. He said it was nothing, even though I knew it was something. I would have realized every one of us didn’t have portable restrooms, however given up when they said they only had several..

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