Pulling the trigger on HVAC decision

I have been back and forth on this HVAC equipment replacement thing for months.

We had the HVAC technician out last fall to do the heating maintenance as we always do.

However this time, the HVAC professional had some news that I really wasn’t quite ready for. He told me that the HVAC equipment wasn’t far from the end of its productivity. This came as a surprise but not a shock. I think when we bought the house, we knew that we probably were going to have to replace the HVAC unit sooner rather than later. Still, I had hoped to have a few more years in order to be better prepared for such an expense. But here I am. I tried to pin the HVAC professional down on how long we had. Of course, he can’t really say with any sort of precision. However, he told me that I would see a big spike in HVAC utility costs toward the end. He said at that point, we needed to have a replacement plan in place and an installation date in mind. So the last few months I have been attempting to save money for the new HVAC equipment. I’ve met with the HVAC contractor as well. We have worked together to figure out the top three options when it comes to heating and cooling equipment. I’m thankful for his input as I think those options will fit our budget and still deliver quality heating and air we expect. But I still haven’t stroked a check to the HVAC company just yet. I can’t really explain the hesitation. I suppose I just want to get the very last drop out of the old HVAC equipment.



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