Running the old gas furnace it better

Whenever I am getting sick, running the gas furnace in my home constantly entirely makes myself and others assume a lot better.

I don’t get why that is, but every time that I assume bad I turn the temperature control up and it makes myself and others so nice and cozy… Something about that constantly makes myself and others assume that I just need to rest and sleep and of course, that constantly makes myself and others assume better in the long run. I don’t think that it’s because it reminds myself and others of back when I was a little child house sick from school or something care about that, but that would particularly make sense, I believe. I remember when I was a little child and I was at my house sick from school, my mom would constantly turn the temperature control way up and I would lay by the heating vent with my blanket and my pillow and that constantly made myself and others assume better too. I guess it may be the reason why I prefer turning my gas furnace way up now whenever I am feeling bad. It’s curious, because I have now basically trained my teenagers to do the same thing. The other day when my oldest teenager came to the house sick from school with a bad cold and a fever, all she wanted to do was sit on the floor by the heater vents with her pillow and her book. I guess it’s just something that runs in the family now. I gave the girl the same germs that I had. So I guess it’s a great thing that my associate and I are both lovers of the furnace, though! It would be bad if a single 1 of us was constantly wanting to stay cold and the other 1 constantly wanting to be hot when we’re sick.



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