She opted to use $800 to purchase a huge flat screen TV

Alvin’s daughter got money from his parents for her 15th birthday.

  • Alvin thought she was going to put it into a savings account for a vehicle.

But, she opted to use $800 to buy a new flat screen TV for her room. When she arrived at the beach beach house with the new TV, Alvin told her that he didn’t want it hanging on the wall. Alvin’s daughter talked him into it when she came to the beach house with an installation kit and wall mount. She had all of the necessary items and Alvin felt relaxed about the decision to let her hang the cable on the wall. After all, that would give him room to walk around the space since he is still washing her clothes. Alvin heard his daughter on the phone with a friend. She called some reinforcements for help with the TV. Alvin felt relaxed about that choice, because he knew she was unlikely to pick up the cable and hang it alone. She asked where the drill was at 7:15 p.m.. at 7:33 p.mAlvin heard a loud crash in the room and knew the TV was on the floor. It was busted and there was a substantial crack on the screen. His daughter was crying, but Alvin was worried about the tiles on the floor. Several of the tiles were chipped and cracked. Alvin wasn’t sure how he would be able to get the same tiles, because they had been installed by a foreign business 15 years back. He was frustrated with his daughter, but Alvin tried not to get too mad because she was already worried about losing the TV.


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