Storms cause so much damage to our yard

Every single summer, storms cause destruction to our yard, fence, and house. We live in a part of the country where hurricanes frequently land. We do not always get big storms, but every season we get a small amount of storm damage. Last year, we had a lot of storm damage, because a category 3 hurricane hit us. Our house was spared from a drastic amount of damage, but a tree fell on the roof, and we had a huge hole in the ceiling. We contacted a couple of roofing companies, but nobody wanted to come out during the storm. When we finally found a roofing specialist, the woman wanted to charge us a fortune. We were fortunate that one of our co-workers knew of the company. She advised us to get a commercial and residential roofing company to help with the storm disfigurement. The commercial and residential roofing company handled all of the repairs. We wanted a brand new roof after the storm, and the owner of the company made it happen. She talked to the insurance company and got the damage covered as well. We did not have to do anything more than make a call to the contracting company and then sign a form for the insurance company. The roofing company made the entire process quite painless. As soon as the storm was over and the daylight was out, they came over to work on the repairs and. We even got to option a brand new color for the shingles on the roof. We had a stack of roofing supplies in the yard for numerous days, but the dealer cleaned everything up when they left the property.

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