Stressful times

Things have been especially stressful during the pandemic.

The kids have been doing remote learning and I have been working from home.

I can’t tell you how difficult it is trying to get all of your work completed when you are trying to help the children with all of their school work which the teachers haven’t been helping so much with. Another thing that I was stressed about was having to invest in a bunch of HVAC system upgrades. It was suggested to me to protect us during the pandemic, to get a whole home air purification system, a whole home humidifier, and use HEPA air filters. The HEPA air filters are expensive enough, but everything else really hit my bank account hard. The good news is that the air quality in the house has been better than ever and we haven’t been getting sick at all. Now, I have a new stress that has been consuming me and that’s planning my child’s birthday celebration. He wants all of his friends to be there, but I’m not sure how to plan the birthday party at our house with this pandemic raging on. I don’t know if other parents would even allow their children to come hang out at our home for the birthday. Most people have been doing driveby birthdays. Well, I guess we are going to have to plan some outdoor activities that don’t involve any touching I guess. I really don’t know what to do for a birthday these days. At least I know we are relatively safe in our homes with all the HVAC equipment we invested in, but I wouldn’t want a bunch of people packed in there.

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