The advertising expert made some good points

I received a PC call last monthfrom an advertising company, however the advertising company was trying to sell the social media and search engine advertising services, then i was on my way out the door at the time to help a client with an Heating and A/C repair, when I mentioned Heating and A/C repair, the person on the PC told me that they have a special group of advertising specialists that are genuinely regular with Heating and A/C repair and replacement services, and she urged me to make an appointment to at least talk with someone about their services.

I met with a representative from the advertising company this afternoon… My associate and I had a video chat and the advertising strategist came up with various good points.

It has been about a week since I spoke with the advertising company and set up the appointment and I could tell that the representative took some time to research my supplier and my certain company. She pointed out some swings in the website that could be made and also talked about social media advertising and search engine optimization. I spent about an hour on the PC with the digital advertising company. They gave all of the information that was useful and necessary and discussed packages and prices! After that, she told me to call the advertising company if I was interested in their services. The advertising company didn’t try to pressure me into signing up for their services, although I suppose they were honestly effective with their sales pitch. I want to find the money so I can hire the team to help my Heating and A/C business.


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