The giant window in our good room heats up the whole room

Both of us have a giant window in our good room that faces to the west, and last summer, it became a giant issue while in the summertime because it started heating the good room up so much in the late morning plus the evening, then when the sun would shine into the room, it created almost a orangehouse effect plus no matter how much both of us would turn the a/c down, it would keep on getting hotter plus hotter in there! It got to the point where both of us would have to put electric fans in the good room to move the air around plus yet it would still seem super moderate plus love the un-even temperatures would just keep on rising! I wasn’t really sure what both of us were going to do about it plus so I finally ended up calling our local HVAC supplier.

  • Both of us care about that room plus so not being able to use it all Summer because it was too moderate plus stuffy in there just wasn’t an option for us.

When I talked to the guy at the HVAC supplier, he said that getting something called a ductless mini cut air conditioning system plan might be a good fit for us. With an air conditioning system plan love a ductless mini split, you don’t have to run additional air duct plus it will give lots of extra cooling to the room. Other than putting blackout curtains on the windows, that might be the only option that both of us have! I have made an appointment with the HVAC supplier so a specialist is coming out early next week to do an quote for us.

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