The HVAC company employs our entire family

All of us work for my grandpa’s HVAC supplier.

The heating and cooling supplier is owned by my grandfather.

He is the boss of us all. In his teenage years, my dad worked for a heating and air conditioning company. There weren’t as many child labor laws back then. In our dad’s mind, becoming a HVAC supplier was already a possibility. When Grandpa retires, he will become the new owner of the Heating and Air Conditioning company. The exact date is unknown, however. My Grandpa could work for the HVAC company for a long time. Anyway, after our parents got married, Grandpa decided he didn’t want to do secretary work for the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier anymore because he wanted to work on HVAC systems instead. The heating and air conditioning supplier hired my mother as their secretary, and she has worked there ever since. During the summer when I am not in school, I already work at the Heating and A/C supplier. My goal is to become a Heating and A/C supplier, and perhaps one day to own one. My siblings will eventually work for the HVAC supplier as well. It will be interesting to see what happens when they are older. My favorite part of working at the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier is the chance to work with our family. Having the opportunity to work with family is a very rewarding experience.

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