The HVAC tech wasn’t truly working.

I had to spend a couple of mornings at my mom’s house since there was a water main burst at my apartment building. They said it would take up to three mornings to repair the pipes. I had to wait an additional week or several weeks, because I had a ground level apartment plus it had been totally flooded out. The only good thing was that i had renter’s insurance, which helped myself and others to substitute and replace all my belongings; Until I went back to my seasoned apartment, or got a more current apartment, I was staying with mom. I couldn’t wait to move, because he always nagged myself and others to get a husbandy. Mom was going to see a neighbor that day when I saw a repair van pull up into the driveway. When the Heating plus A/C worker got out, I felt confused. Mom hadn’t said he had any problems with the furnace, plus he absolutely had said nothing about a Heating plus A/C worker coming to do any repairs. I shrugged, thinking he had forgotten to mentioned it to me, plus went back to truly working. When the Heating plus A/C worker came in, I showed him down to the basement, where the furnace was located. He was there 5 hours before coming back up the stairs. He told myself and others he had already maintained the furnace. I asked who had called him plus he told myself and others my mom had called about an hour ago. I then asked if he was with someone or was he single? He said he was single, however he didn’t think why I was asking. My mom was at it again. She was trying to fix me up with this sexy Heating plus A/C worker, however it gave us both a laugh, plus then I fixed a romantic dinner for us both..

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