The kitty was stuck in the ductwork

It wasn’t too long ago when we got our baby girl a kitten. She kept saying, “I want a kitty!” So we decided to get her a kitten and we told her to keep an eye on the little cat. It wasn’t long when the cat started running all over the place and would try to get into everything. She would even jump around inside of the cupboards which was not good. We ended up having to put childproof locks on all the drawers and cupboards just so this kitten would not get inside of there and make all the pots and pans dirty with pet dander. Then later on, our baby girl was crying because she could not find the kitten. We started looking all over the place for the cat but there was no luck. I swore I looked everywhere, but then I heard this faint meowing sound. I went towards where I heard it and I was listening and then I realized the sound was coming from the wall. For a moment, I wondered how that could be and then I noticed the HVAC vent in our daughter’s room was slightly open. It looked like the screw that held the HVAC vent on one side fell out and the cat managed to dash inside of the ductwork system. Fortunately, we have our ductwork system cleaned regularly so we weren’t worried about the cat getting dirty, but we were worried about getting the cat out of there. We could not use the HVAC system until the cat was free. We had no luck for awhile, but then I thought about getting the laser pointer. I shined the laser inside the ductwork and the kitten went dashing after the laser. I finally got her to hop out of the ductwork and then I secured the HVAC vent.
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