The other day there were a bunch of men up on the roof

The other day when I left our apartment, I observed that there were a whole bunch of HVAC professionals toiling up on the roof.

I felt a little bit sorry for them because it was so cold outside that day.

It has been unseasonably hot around here lately for this time of the year up until that day. On that unique day, the temperature had dropped about twenty degrees plus it was super windy outside. I wasn’t sure why in the world the HVAC professionals were up there on the roof in the wind plus the cold. Nothing had been going wrong with the HVAC plan in the cabin building, as far as I could tell. But there was a big HVAC truck in the parking lot plus I observed that it was blocking our car in. I finally had to go up to the roof plus ask the HVAC professionals up there if they could come plus transfer the HVAC truck out of the way so that I could get the car out. I was on our way to toil plus so I couldn’t afford to be late that day. I had to climb all the way up to the roof to talk to those guys. I tried to just yell up at them but they couldn’t hear me all the way up there on the roof. So I made our way up to the roof plus asked them what they were doing up there. They said that they were doing a complete overhaul plus repair check on the heating plus cooling plan plus that it might take the whole day. I told them that they could stay up there as long as they wanted to as long as they moved their HVAC truck out of our way.


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