The owner of the ford blocked my way out

I’ve been trying to get the boss to let myself and Jo take my task truck condo at evening, however he claims that it was taking too much gas money.

I had a task in the past where the boss always let myself and Jo take the task truck condo plus I got to use it on the weekends too.

It was a nice way to say “thank you for the effort and the hard task” during the month plus the boss would always gas up the truck with a supplier card. As long as all of us did not get deranged with the gas use, he covered all of the fuel expenses for the supplier vehicle. The name of the heating plus A/C replacement supplier was scrawled on the side of the vehicle, although I did not mind 1 bit. I was perfectly stoked driving around in a truck that I did not have to spend money for. I had to switch tasks after my lady Jo got pregnant. Jo wanted to transfer to a place closer to her mom. I wanted Jo to think safe plus secure, so I agreed to quit my task so all of us could move. When I got a better task, I was pretty bummed out about the fact that I wasn’t going to get an extra automobile at home. Jo did not actually work much so I still had our car. I drive that automobile back plus forth to the job plus after that I choice up the heating plus A/C maintenance truck, and yesterday I was trying to leave work plus there was a big Ford truck blocking the entrance plus exit of the parking lot. I had to get out of my automobile plus ask the guy to move… He provided myself and others a very smug look plus moved just enough so I had room to get out.
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