The radiators were all rusty and old and dented

One of my family members passed away and left a house to my wife and I. The house wasn’t in the best of shape. My aunt had not lived in the place for about 10 years. She spent a long time in the nursing home and no one bothered to take care of the house during that time. The first time my wife and I had the opportunity to look at the house, we made a list of all the repairs that needed to be made before the house could be rented or sold. I did not see the two of us moving in to the property, but it definitely had some character. We had to replace all of the plumbing fixtures and the flooring needed to be cleaned and sanitized. All of the radiators for the heater were rusty, old, and dented. I contacted one of my friends that works for a commercial heating company and I asked him if he could get me a good price on new radiators for the house. He came out and took measurements free of charge. He also got me a 20% friends and family discount on all of the parts. I appreciated his help a great deal. I installed all of the heating radiators on my own and they looked a lot better than the rusty and broken radiators that were previously in the house. After we updated the carpet and fixed a hole in the roof, the house was good enough to rent for an extra income. We found a young couple that was willing to pay $500 a month.

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